Experts in Supply Chain Integration for Over 12 Years

Since 2000, DiCentral has been an industry leader in supply chain and supplier performance management software and services. With over 6000 valued customers processing millions of transactions annually, DiCentral has consistently delivered quality products and services across the retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, logistics, warehousing, food, consumer goods industries, and more. In short, our offerings simplify the way you do business through supply chain integration.

Solutions for Buyers:

  • Application Integration
  • EDI Compliance Testing
  • Vendor Scorecarding
  • Complete EDI Outsourcing

Solutions for Suppliers:

  • Cloud EDI
  • On-Premise EDI
  • EDI-to-ERP Integration
  • Logistics Management
  • Order, Inventory, & Warehouse Management

Why DiCentral

By using DiCentral solutions, companies of all sizes can be provided with the tools necessary to act quickly with increased insight, efficiency, and flexibility. In addition, DiCentral solutions streamline the communications that drive commerce, manage orders and inventory, reduce costs, optimize performance, and provide the insight and agility needed to compete on a global scale.




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